Kiva borrower visits in Bint Jbeil

A week ago, I was in the southern town of Bint Jbeil to visit Kiva borrowers in the area. I travelled with the area supervisor and two loan officers to Houla, where we visited Ali and Nasri, Deir Kifa, where we saw Zein, and in Bint Jbeil we visited Akil. To read the journals, click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Kiva journals from Saida

On Wednesday, I was in Saida and the neighboring villages visiting clients. I wrote journals for Khaled and Mahmoud in Saida, Mahmoud in Marwanieh, Kassem in Kfarhata, Ragheb in Bablia, Abdel Majid in Sarafand. To read the journals, click on the link and scroll to the bottom.

Kiva journals from the Bekaa valley

On Tuesday I was in Rashaya and the Western Bekaa visiting some clients. I wrote journals for Rita and Leila in Rashaya, Hamda, Zahraa and Yasser in Jib Jenin, and Ali in Ghaza. To the read the journals, click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Latest Kiva Fellows Blog entry

Check out my latest entry on the Kiva Fellows Blog here.

First video uploaded from the field!

I was finally able to upload my first video from the field. It took me three attempts for the upload to complete successfully. The four minute video took over 9 hours to upload. I have posted it on the Kiva Fellows Blog.

Journals of borrowers in Nabatiyeh

Yesterday I went to Nabatiyeh, in the south of Lebanon, and visited Kiva borrowers and prepared five journals. I prepared journals for Samir, Kifaya, Ali, Hussain, and Jihad. To view the journals, go to the borrowers pages and scroll to the bottom.

The dark chasm that is Paypal

Ever since I opened my Paypal account I have used it exclusively to pay for my Kiva addiction. Recently, Paypal has decided that my account has been accessed by a third party. This third party, it seems also chose to lend on Kiva. A very generous fraudster I have to say.

Well, since my account has been limited, I have provided Paypal with documents proving that I live where I live to no avail. I finally lost it and sent them an email in desperation. I want my Paypal account back. I feel robbed, alright. But not by a “third party”, but by the “people” at Paypal.

Anyone have any ideas of how I can go about reclaiming my Paypal account?

P.S. If you are planning to donate using the button to the right, my account continues to accept incoming payments!


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