The dark chasm that is Paypal

Ever since I opened my Paypal account I have used it exclusively to pay for my Kiva addiction. Recently, Paypal has decided that my account has been accessed by a third party. This third party, it seems also chose to lend on Kiva. A very generous fraudster I have to say.

Well, since my account has been limited, I have provided Paypal with documents proving that I live where I live to no avail. I finally lost it and sent them an email in desperation. I want my Paypal account back. I feel robbed, alright. But not by a “third party”, but by the “people” at Paypal.

Anyone have any ideas of how I can go about reclaiming my Paypal account?

P.S. If you are planning to donate using the button to the right, my account continues to accept incoming payments!

One Response

  1. I used to work for PayPal. I can almost guarantee you that it’s because you are now logging in from Lebanon. Also, you don’t have a ton of history on your account, if all you’re using it for is Kiva. I haven’t had trouble in Africa, but I’ve been using PayPal pretty heavily for 8 years, and have accessed my account previously from many countries. And the PayPal corporate email address on my account doesn’t hurt. ;)

    Try explaining (and documenting) the legit reasons why you are in Lebanon. Business card, link to the Kiva Fellows page, etc. Remind them that Premal is ex-PayPal, after all. It’s totally a judgement call in the end, so even though these seem like weird things to send in, it might work. Good luck!

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